Three Reasons Why Manufacturers Should be in Tune with IoT

Moving into a space where your company is in tune with IoT advances your push into the fourth industrial revolution, also known as, Industry 4.0. Utilizing this technology helps data collection, production, and advancement in the competitive market.

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Sensor Based Monitoring

One of the most common benefits of implementing IoT in your manufacturing warehouse is the sensor based monitoring. Sensor based monitoring allows for real time updates from the production machines, online ordering systems, and quality control systems. This style of monitoring automates the process and detects malfunctions as soon as they occur and have the ability to safely shut down the entire system until the error is fixed. This saves time, money, and production materials because they are not being wasted when there is a malfunction. In addition, products that do not meet quality standards will be caught immediately which prevents other products from not passing quality tests, again saving time and production materials.

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Enhanced Data, Productivity, and Safety

Implementing IoT also increases the efficiency of gathering consumer data and the effectiveness in using the gathered data. Automatic data collection and compiling allows data to be used quickly and with a set goal in mind to improve products and processes. IoT can also improve production because it increases the speed at which products are created and frees up employees to handle other tasks that the system cannot complete. It creates a timely and consistent production facility where products and employees can be better tracked to achieve ultimate efficiency. Most importantly, IoT increases safety for industrial employees that work with critical and more dangerous materials such as: chemicals, oils, gases, radioactive materials, etc. It moves the materials away from employees and towards the machines, lowering the risk of injury or casualty.

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Competitive Advantages

There are countless competitive advantages to jumping on the Industry 4.0 wagon and working towards automating your manufacturing processes. First off, your company will be known for staying relevant and keeping up with the technological times, which can bring in new customers and increase your revenue in time with them. In addition, you gain the ability to produce more products in a shorter time frame with automatic building, moving, and packaging possibilities. It is no secret that businesses and consumers nowadays want their products well made and delivered quickly. Moving towards IoT helps achieve all of these qualities that buyers are looking for.

Stay tuned for next week's blog post on three MORE reasons why manufacturer’s should be in tune with IoT. Here’s a hint: increased security! 

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