Dell H1813 Perc 4e/di Raid Kit


Kit includes: raid key, memory and battery.

Server Compatibility: PowerEdge 1850, 2800, 2850

Available for same day shipment.

Pulled from off-lease servers. Tested. Used.
Recertified by professional technicians.
1 Year Velocity Tech Solutions Warranty.

We ship on an emergency basis and answer the phone 24 x 7 x 365. If this is an emergency during non-business hours call us at 651-242-9390. During business hours (7AM to 6PM CST) call us at 888-784-2088.

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Saved By Velocity Tech Solutions
Written by Thomas Heuer on 4th Aug 2016

Yesterday morning my office lost network access to our old Dell PowerEdge 2800 Server. Investigating the matter I found that the system had rebooted and reported that "Memory/battery problems were detected. The adapter has recovered, but cached data was lost. Press any key to continue. " Having not seen this before I searched the internet for an explanation. Eventually I learned that there was a problem with the PERC 4e/Di controller subsystem and involve a battery and memory components. Certain comments seen on technical blogs directed me to the Velocity Tech Solutions website. After viewing some helpful YouTube videos posted by Velocity, I contacted the Velocity sales staff and was able to order the replacement parts and schedule shipping for next morning delivery. FedEx delivered the package by 9:30AM and I was able to restore server operation by 10:30AM, which was great!!. The helpful staff and video posts from Velocity must be credited for helping me quickly resolve our problem. So, thank-you Francine Kaufenberg and Carolyn Fernandez for your support and thank-you Mike for posting the helpful videos.