Working with Velocity Tech Solutions guarantees your peace of mind. Our in house team of expert solutions specialists and certified Dell technicians are always here to help you by understanding your needs and partnering with you to garner the perfect solution in order to help your company achieve ginormous success. Our company began with a network engineer mindset - we have truly walked in your shoes and we care about working diligently to craft your superb solution. We work with passion and tenacity to ensure your success; we strive to “wow” our customers in the best possible way and build long term relationships in which we can be your easiest go-to when it comes to your network infrastructure.


5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished

Technology has become an increasingly important parts of our lives. It can be used to create innovative solutions to problems. For example, businesses increasingly use servers to help them store and access information. Because it’s so integral to the business, many people think they need to purchase new technology items. However, as we’ll discuss, they will get more benefits from purchasing ref…

How to Configure a PERC H730

To start in order to access the raid configuration utility you will need to boot the system and during POST press Ctrl+R when POST references the PowerEdge Expandable Raid Controller. Virtual Disk Management Once booted into the configuration utility you will initially be greeted by the Virtual DiskManagement screen which is where all of the disk groups and virtual disks created on…


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Florida Energy Conservation Advisors
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Glenn Grossenbacher Law
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