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Customize Your Own Dell Server

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24 of 45 Items

Customize a Dell Server for the Performance You Need

Many businesses these days rely heavily on their IT infrastructure and an efficient server is at the center of that. This is why an off-the-shelf server won't do and you instead need one that's configured exactly to your requirements.

At Velocity Tech Solutions, we understand the need to configure a server that delivers the required amount of power and storage but at a price that fits your budget. Because of this, each Dell custom server incorporates proven technology and can comprise new or refurbished components so we can supply exactly what you can afford.

Build a Custom Dell Server and Reap the Benefits

A custom server is configured exactly to your needs, and you will start the Dell server customize process by choosing the most appropriate type:

  • Tower servers are best for small businesses that need less than three servers.
  • Rack servers have up to four sockets that each support a server processor, enabling processing power and storage capacity to be expanded later.
  • Modular infrastructure servers combine rack-based and blade-based technology and offer great flexibility for different IT environments.

Once you've chosen your chassis, you can select from the range of compatible rack server fans, server rack batteries and Dell server parts that are available. This allows you to specify your storage and processing power requirements as well as choose ports, controllers, network and graphic cards plus anything else that's important. You'll then have a server that has several benefits over an off-the-shelf model:

  • scalability, so you can add memory, extra processing power and other components as your business expands and your needs grow
  • security that's built into every Dell server and minimizes the threat of cyber attacks and data loss
  • affordability, since you only buy what you need and can mix new and refurbished components to ensure you meet your budget
  • automated IT management that improves productivity while reducing IT effort.

Getting the Perfect Dell Server

A Dell custom server provides great flexibility so that you have complete control over the server you acquire and the cost of that server. It is the only practical way to go but, if you're unsure of what you need, we're here to help you get exactly the server that's perfect for you. So get in touch for the best advice.

A Dell Poweredge Blade Server is a very complex piece of equipment and is vital for the smooth operation of your business. So we build each one with great care, whether from new or refurbished components, and we undertake extensive quality control testing before shipping the completed product to you. Nevertheless, we do realize the importance of the server to you and so will ship it as soon and as quickly as possible.

When you receive your custom server, you can be assured of a product that's well built from the finest components and has a long warranty for peace of mind. It's also backed up by first-class customer service with planned maintenance and repairs when needed. And, when your needs expand, we can upgrade your server with available, quality components so that it will always have the power and storage capacity you need.