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Dell 3.84TB SAS SSD Hard Drives

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A 3.84TB SSD SAS Drive for Additional Capacity Quickly

All businesses these days have the need to store large amounts of data, whether for marketing, compliance, accounting or any other purposes. If your requirements are increasing beyond your storage capacity, you will need to increase that capacity and you'll need to do it reliably and quickly.

The perfect way to add to your storage capacity is with an additional storage drive. In terms of cost, functionality, performance and reliability, we have the perfect product for you — the Dell 3.84TB SSD SAS drive.

Benefits and Features of a Dell 3.84TB SSD Device

The Dell 3.84TB SSD is a solid-state drive and this has several advantages over traditional disk drives:

  • faster processing that delivers quicker data access, boot up with less waiting time, more efficient file transfers and an altogether more productive computing experience
  • a much smaller and lighter drive than traditional models, weighing only 1.5 pounds
  • since the disk doesn't spin, it causes your system to generate less heat and uses very little power, thereby saving on electricity costs, even at peak load
  • a virtually silent operation as opposed to the whirring noise associated with traditional drives
  • more resilient and resistant to shocks, so ensuring greater reliability.

These server hard drives are hot-swappable for ease of installation and use and are fully compatible with all Dell PowerEdge servers and storage arrays that support 2.5 inch drives. They have enterprise-grade reliability and give genuine 24/7 availability, so are suitable for environments with high workloads where reliability is essential.

Each drive has a read intensive SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interface that is a considerable improvement over SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) since it:

  • has much higher transfer speeds (12 gigabits per second for this drive as against a maximum of 5 gigabits per second for SCSI)
  • is available in more form factors; a SCSI drive has only a 3.5 inch version, but SAS drives can be as small as 2.5 inches and so can be used in systems that are more compact
  • can be linked directly to controllers, with longer and thinner cables allowing connection to up to 128 devices.

All drives are supplied complete with a fourteenth generation Dell hot plug caddy and fixing screws, so they are ready to use quickly without additional expense. They have a two-year warranty for new models or one year for refurbished versions.

Buying from Velocity Tech Services — Quality and Value

Our aim with all our Dell server parts is to provide quality and reliability at a competitive price. That applies equally to our Dell 3.84TB SSD SAS device, which will improve the storage capacity and performance of your IT set-up.

Like every component we supply, whether new or refurbished, our rack servers are quality checked, backed up by our no-quibble warranty and benefits from an excellent after-sales service that includes full server tech support and repairs. You can buy from us with confidence because we make sure everything works and we'll ship it to you quickly, so you won't be delayed.