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2.5 SAS SSD Hard Drives

Dell's 2.5 inch 1TB Hard Drive for Additional Storage and Performance

Whether you have a small-to-medium business or a large server set-up, additional storage is often a requirement. And the Dell 1tb 2.5 SAS hard drive from Velocity Tech Solutions is the perfect answer because it provides speed of access combined with reliability at a great price.

The 1tb 2.5 hard drive is designed and manufactured to handle high workloads with great assurance and reliability. Like all Dell drives, it's well-built from high-quality components and is tested rigorously so it upholds the company's reputation for supplying robust equipment. And that reputation is enhanced by the first-class customer service we deliver for both new and refurbished components and complete systems.

Features and Benefits of the 1TB 2.5 inch Internal Hard Drive

In addition to Dell's reputation for reliability, the drive has many features that provide various benefits to users:

  • a rotational speed of 7.2K RPM that gives fast seek times and transfer rates
  • a full one terabyte of formatted storage capacity
  • data transfer rate of six gigabits per second
  • small 2.5 inch form factor so it's perfect where space is limited
  • an SAS data transfer protocol that is much faster and more efficient than SATA.

These drives are ideal for mission-critical systems where failures can be a serious problem. Although more expensive than SATA drives, they offer greater speed, a longer and more reliable life, and improved error checking to ensure the integrity of data.

The price-to-storage capacity ratio is lower than for SSD devices so can be crucial if you are seeking large-capacity storage such as for archives or image libraries. The devices are also suitable for use in a comprehensive storage strategy where you need to balance cost, capacity, performance and application needs.

The Very Best Price and Performance

We offer these drives, along with other components and systems, in a new or refurbished format. That means you can choose whatever meets your needs as well as your budget, knowing that everything has been quality control tested, either by Dell or Velocity Tech Solutions, and has a lengthy warranty for peace of mind. All are delivered with everything you need, including all firmware and fixing kits, so you have nothing else to buy.

These drives are fully compatible with all PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage arrays. And, since they are genuine Dell components, they will not invalidate any existing warranties as third-party components can. A refurbished drive will come at a much lower price than a new one but will give the same level of performance and reliability.

Whether you opt for new or refurbished, you will benefit from our unrivalled customer service. That includes all the pre-sales help and advice you need from our experienced and knowledgeable technicians, fast and secure delivery and ongoing support with full servicing and repairs that will keep your system and components working at peak performance. Get in touch today and we'll help you get the storage you need quickly.

2.5 SAS SSD Drives — the Perfect Choice

If you want to increase data storage capacity or to make existing storage more efficient, a 2.5 SAS hard drive may be the best choice. This type of device uses solid-state memory to store data and is much more efficient and reliable than traditional hard disk drives.

The small form factor means this type of device is suitable for many IT needs ranging from a basic laptop or netbook to a mission-critical server. In the latter case, 2.5" SAS drives with 4TB of storage are ideal and their small size means several drives can be accommodated in a limited space.

Why 2.5 Inch Solid State Drives are the Best Option

The popularity of the 2.5 inch drive is not only due to its small size but also because of various other benefits it provides. These include:

  • low latency that results from the drive not needing to spin up to speed and having no rotational latency or extended seek times; this causes computers to boot up much faster and have better responsiveness and quicker load times
  • better reliability due to a lack of moving parts that could otherwise cause disk failures; as a result, these solid-state drives are much more reliable than traditional hard drivers
  • resistance to damage from shock and vibration as well as operating temperature ranges that can be better than for standard hard drives
  • lower operating costs since power is not needed to spin the disk and no heat is generated that requires the use of cooling fans
  • silent operation since the disks don't spin and cooling fans aren't needed.

These 2.5 SAS SSD small form factor drives are used in low-end PCs and netbooks right through to high-performance servers that are critical to the smooth running of your business. The SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) protocol they use is reckoned to be the fastest and most reliable means of transferring data and is essential when high data volumes are being processed on a regular basis. SAS drives can typically transfer data at twelve gigabits per second and have IOPS (input/output operations per second) ranging from 200,000 to 400,000.

Upgrade your Hard Drives for Improved Performance and Storage

A 2.5 SAS hard drive offers such improvements in performance and reliability that you may choose to use one or more to replace your existing hard disk drives rather than simply adding to them as extra storage. They're ideal for caching and so will reduce overall latency and improve performance generally so the improvements and other benefits will be worth the cost and effort.

We supply 2.5 inch drives that are compatible with Dell PowerEdge servers including the Poweredge R540, the Poweredge R640 and the Poweredge R740XD. They are available in various capacities and as new or refurbished models to suit your budget.

All Dell SAS drives come with fast delivery, long warranties and a first class server tech support that includes all the advice you need as well as servicing and repairs for all components and systems. We have extensive experience and knowledge within IT to be able to supply, configure and support whatever you need.