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Dell Poweredge R540 Server

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  • New Dell PowerEdge R540 Server - Configured Dell PowerEdge R540 Back of Server

    New Dell PowerEdge R540 Server - Configured

    The PowerEdge R540 delivers the ideal balance of resources and affordability to adapt to a variety of application demands. Power your applications with the versatility of the R540.   Ideal workloads: Scale compute resources with 2nd Generation...

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Dell PowerEdge R540 Server — a Balanced and Flexible System

The PowerEdge R540 is a mid-range server that provides a two-socket platform to offer greater storage and be able to handle higher workloads than one-socket models. It's a balanced system that delivers powerful resources together with expandability at a reasonable price.

We can supply a wide range of Dell EMC PowerEdge R540 server models, either pre-built or configured exactly to your requirements, and can use either new or refurbished components and complete systems, or a mixture. This allows us to create a server set-up that meets your needs exactly and at a price that's within your budget.

PowerEdge R540s Built to Your own Configuration

The power and flexibility of the Dell PowerEdge R540 rack server make it suitable for various purposes, including handling large databases, as an email server, for data storage and analysis or for high-performance computing among many other uses. Depending on what you want to do, you can configure the server by selecting the:

  • chassis type, which may be a nineteen inch cabinet or a rack
  • number and type of processors, with up to two Intel Xeon scalable second-generation CPUs with up to twenty cores and forty threads
  • amount of storage required, with up to fourteen hot-swappable 2.5 inch SAS/SATA drives supported
  • required server batteries, which again are hot-swappable and support different wattages
  • network cards (PCIe supported).

The system also has a number of software options that are designed to ensure ease of use, security and reliability. These include:

  • OpenManage that controls the equipment and automates routine processes such as updates, implementation and the monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure so that system administrators can concentrate on more important tasks
  • Quick Sync so the server can be monitored and controlled from a remote device
  • RAID controller support
  • secure boot protocol for data security
  • server lockdown to prevent unauthorized access
  • system erase to remove all data when the system is being disposed of so confidential data is not divulged.

The Latest and the Best PowerEdge Servers

The Dell PowerEdge R540 server is an upgrade to the previous generation R530 and offers greater power, updated processors, more DDR4 slots and increased energy efficiency. It is a worthy successor and is an excellent server with great flexibility and speed.

We'll aim to match that speed with prompt delivery once we've built, configured and fully tested your storage server. And you can be sure you'll receive your system safely because secure logistics make certain the product travels from the manufacturing plant to you in a completely secure manner.

We have a large stock of servers, components and parts, both new and refurbished, so we can build custom Dell servers and deliver quickly. Every refurbished component is factory reset and fully tested to ensure it works in exactly the same way as a new version. And everything is backed by long warranties and our excellent after-sales service so we'll never let you down.