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10K SAS Drives

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Improved Performance with a 10k SAS Hard Drive

Storage capacity and performance are often the main considerations when choosing computer systems and components. Our Dell 10k SAS drives will provide benefits for both of these because they come in various capacities and provide fast access, both consistently and reliably.

At Velocity Tech Solutions, we offer a range of 10k SAS drives as well as various other types of storage. We can, therefore, help you to obtain the storage and processing equipment that is best for your needs.

Is a 10k Drive Best for You?

Conventional disk drives are fitted with a disk that spins at high speed and is accessed by read/write heads that scan the surface to obtain and store data. The rotational speed is measured in rotations per minute (RPM) and the most popular disks tend to spin at speeds of between 5,400 and 7,200 RPM. Some, however, can achieve speeds of 10,000 RPM. This allows data to be accessed much more efficiently, which can improve the performance of your computer because it enables programs to be loaded more quickly and data to be transferred faster. If you're processing large amounts of data, this can make significant improvements to overall processing speeds.

The drive also benefits from having a Dell SAS (serial attached SCSI) drive interface, which is much superior to the earlier SATA interface since it provides faster data transfer rates, higher reliability and improved error detection and correction. SAS and a 10k rotational speed combine to give vastly better performance. A 10k drive will typically give a sustained performance of 230 megabytes per second (at the logical beginning of the disk, the outer layer) to 105 megabytes per second (logical end, inner layer).

With the increasing popularity of solid state drives (SSD), you do have the choice between these and 10k hard drives. Both use a SAS interface and SSD models tend to be slightly more expensive than conventional 10k drives but can offer higher storage capacity, and faster boot speeds but often lower data transfer rates. These can vary between models, however, so you need to check carefully before choosing.

Getting the Most Effective Drives

Higher RPM tends to translate into faster processing and data access so a 10k drive is often a good choice for IT set-ups where throughput is critical, and reliability is also essential. However, you may also consider SSD devices as a more modern alternative, and we can offer both types so you can choose the one that's best.

Often a mix of 2.5 sas hard drives can be a good choice and we can advise on the best solution. Our technicians have wide experience in practical computing and are very knowledgeable about what used server equipment works best. Consequently, they can use their knowledge and experience to ensure you achieve the optimum set-up.

We can supply new and refurbished drives, all fully tested and operating at peak performance with long warranties. And we can ensure that performance remains at the top level with regular servicing that will avoid any problems.