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Rack Server Fans

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  • Dell N229R PowerEdge R210 Fan Dell N229R Cooling Fan

    Dell N229R PowerEdge R210 Fan

    Server Compatibility: PowerEdge R210 Available for same day shipment. Pulled from off-lease servers. Tested. Used. Recertified by professional technicians. 1 Year Velocity Tech Solutions Warranty.* We ship on an emergency basis and answer the phone 24 x...

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Server Rack Cooling Fans for Maximum Efficiency

When you fill a server rack with the tech you need to run your business, you might be exposed to overheating if you don't have the right number of server rack cooling fans for your setup. Overheating is a critical level problem. It means your servers will slow down their processing speeds, inefficiently operating whilst also drawing in more power to compensate for the loss of function.

As they work harder to produce the same quality, they can increase the temperature to a point where they cease to function at all. This sudden shutdown might even lead to a loss of data - setting your own projects back or causing your clients to lose faith in your operation.

To prevent this, the solution is simple. Invest in the rack server fan (or fans) that prevent overheating from occurring in the first place. The number of servers you operate in your rack, as well as their size and usage, are deciding factors when determining which fans will suit your needs best. Even the ambient room temperature is an important factor when deciding the size, placement, and number of fans you should install.

A server fan isn't simply a nice-to-have - it's a core requirement to ensure continuous access to the server. It increases efficiency - in work, in energy, and in cost.

Velocity Tech Solutions Can Help Find the Right Server Fan for Your Business

There's a wide range of rack fans available on the market. Knowing which one is best can be tricky - especially if you have a complex setup. Rather than devoting time from your busy day to all the variables, Velocity Tech Solutions are the experts you can call for help.

Founded in 2007 from our passion for tech, we've grown to offer a large number of services to our clients. We offer both new and refurbished servers, parts, and maintenance. We test our refurbished models and parts to ensure they perform to the high standards people have come to expect from their Dell server parts. These products are also recertified by a professional technician to guarantee you'll get the performance you need when you need it.

Here at Velocity Tech Solutions, we understand that things can move quickly in the tech industry. For better or for worse. And if you find yourself in a tech emergency, and need your cooling fans to arrive asap, then you'll be happy to know we offer same-day delivery.

To order a product for same-day delivery, please call us to order rather than through online shopping. This ensures we give your order the immediate attention it requires and can get the package to our couriers as a matter of urgency.

Purchasing Your Server Rack Cooling Fans

A single, small fan won't cool a data center to tolerable levels. If you know which fan(s) will work with your equipment and setup, you can order directly by calling or by adding the item to your cart and checking out online. If, however, you would like help devising the most efficient solution to your cooling problem, we're happy to help. Reach out to us for further server tech support before ordering the products to ensure you get exactly the right power, size, and number you need to maintain your servers and data integrity.