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Dell SSD SAS Hard Drives

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An SAS SSD Drive to Meet Your Needs

For the busiest and most demanding IT environments, such as data centers and for database processing, SAS SSD drives offer enterprise-class performance with absolute reliability. These are the drives that are most frequently recommended for use in Dell servers and storage arrays.

These Dell SAS SSD drives come in different form factors and with various capacities and features. As a result, you're certain to be able to select the drive or drives that will exactly meet your needs. And if you can't, we'll help you do it because we have plenty of drives and components to select from here at Velocity Tech Solutions.

Why an SSD SAS Drive is Better

In addition to Dell's well-earned reputation for quality and reliability, these drives benefit from two main factors that make them much better than other types of refurbished hard drives. The first of these is that they are solid state drives (SSD), which means that the drives don't spin as conventional drives do and this provides several benefits:

  • fewer moving parts mean greater reliability, which is essential for mission-critical systems
  • lower energy costs since the disks don't have to be rotated at speed; this also means they don't generate any heat and so the need for cooling fans is reduced significantly
  • no time wasted spinning the disks up to full speed, giving faster boot times
  • reduced latency and faster seek times resulting in much quicker read/write and data transfer times of up to twelve gigabits per second.

The second factor is the SAS (serial attached SCSI) protocol that enables data to be transferred much faster than the earlier SATA protocol. It also supports dual-port operation and has greater reliability due to features such as high signal quality, advanced error correction, data integrity technology and multiple data paths with inbuilt redundancy.

These two factors together ensure the SAS SDD drives are the first choice for use in storage arrays and enterprise servers as well as other systems where low latency, high availability and high input/output rates are essential.

Everything you need in an SSD SAS Drive

All the drives we supply can be provided with a Dell drive caddy so they can be used in a wide range of devices. This is ensured due to compatibility with Dell Poweredge R750 Servers and PowerVault storage arrays, with different generations of the drive available.

The small form factor (either 2.5 inch SAS SSD or 3.5 inch versions) means they can be accommodated where space is limited while the fast performance and excellent reliability ensure they'll do what you want when you want. We can supply new or refurbished versions of all drives so we can meet your budget as well as your processing needs.

Most drives are available from stock, and we can get them to you quickly and safely with FedEx secure delivery. They all come with long warranties and our excellent customer service that give peace of mind. That service starts with any help and advice you need to select and install the drives you want. And it continues right through their life with regular servicing and repairs when needed. With our help, you'll keep your systems running at peak efficiency.