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Dell EMC PowerEdge R740XD Servers

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Dell PowerEdge R740XD Server for Serious Data Applications

When you need a server that can handle intense data applications, it's time to call on the Dell EMC PowerEdge 740xd. While the standard r740 contains 16 storage bays, the Dell r740xd features a massive 32 (2.5") bays. And with the potential to use 24 NVMe bays, the power and I/O performance offered is outstanding.

The r740xd is a versatile solution for businesses that offer full package options to their clients. If you're looking to increase speeds, storage space, efficiency, reliability, stability, and security, then look no further. With 2.5" drive bays, you can reduce power consumption per unit due to the smaller size and advanced efficiency. You also have the potential to house more units in the same space, allowing for room to grow your business.

The PowerEdge 740xd is amazing for custom configuration. While the traditional server set-up is front loading, you will have greater flexibility with the r740xd - as it features front, rear, and side loading capabilities.

Embrace the convenience of adding more drives as the need arises, without the trouble of rethinking your infrastructure. Enjoy the incredible speeds and storage capacity, while providing a superior experience for the employees, clients, and users that rely on your servers for all their data needs.

Why Choose Velocity Tech Solutions for Your Dell R740XD Server

When you need a Dell part or server, whether new or refurbished, Velocity Tech Solutions is the place to go. Since 2007, we've specialized in Dell tech and are widely known in the industry as the company to solve tech and infrastructure challenges.

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Alongside servers such as the Dell EMC PowerEdge r740xd, we offer workspace and storage array products too. In addition, we feature a multitude of parts to replace damaged or worn pieces of your infrastructure, without the need to upgrade the whole system.

However, when you're ready to upgrade your tech, we can offer helpful advice and guidance so you can find the best solution for your current needs and future aspirations.

As well as hardware, we also feature a 24/7 server tech support package - ideal for those businesses that are concerned about security and functionality but don't have a dedicated (or expansive) IT department.

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