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Velocity Tech Solutions offers the best used and refurbished Dell and HP servers. We carry a wide range of Dell PowerEdge 1U to 5U rackmount servers, tower and blade servers.  We also offer a variety of HP Servers and parts.  Our experienced technicians will custom configure your servers to your exact specs.   

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Velocity Tech Solutions Server Portfolio

1U Servers 

1U Servers are designed for maximum computing power in a small package.  They are perfect for web hosting, caching and load balancing, front-end to database servers, and video streaming.  Popular 1U servers include the Dell Product R730.

2U Servers 

2U Servers strike a balance between high computing power, and a relatively small rack footprint. They function well as an enterprise-level application & virtualization servers.  Popular 2U servers include the Dell Product R620.

Tower and Desktop Servers

Tower and Desktop Servers are perfect for small organizations. They fit in small spaces but provide a lot of computing power. Tower units are a leading choice for small businesses.

4U and 5U Servers

3U+ Servers are the answer if you're looking for the highest possible computing power & storage within a single unit, when rack footprint is not a concern. These systems work well for highly virtualized server data centers, massive transactional databases, and cloud computing servers. Popular large servers include the Dell Product R920 and R910.

Blade Servers

Dell Blade servers are designed for data center use and are more efficient and compact than 1U servers. Mix and match half-height and full-height blade servers in the same blade enclosure for efficient data center layout. Popular blade servers include the Dell Product M630 and M620.

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24 of 58 Items