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Velocity Tech Solutions Networking Hardware

Data centers come in many different shapes and sizes, yet one truth prevails – connectivity is required for workloads and workflows. The core of the network - the routers, switches, wireless and WAN hardware are essential to maintaining solid data center operation. In many engineers’ minds, network requirements are of equal if not greater importance due to the network’s risk profile when compared to the traditional stubs of compute and storage. Bandwidth, scalability, reliability and security are critical criteria for choosing network infrastructure devices.

Velocity Tech Solutions Networking Applications

Service Providers

Service providers are embracing telco and edge cloud to deliver 5G services and realize new revenues. A universal cloud framework enables workload portability, economies of scale, and operational consistency and independence across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud ecosystems.

Data Center Networks

Simplify operations and assure experiences with the modern, automated data center.

We can help you automate the entire network lifecycle to simplify design, deployment, and operations and provide continuous validation.

Cloud Operators

CloudAt the heart of cloud networking lies cloud routing, a key building block for reliable, secure, and scalable cloud-era infrastructure buildouts.  Our solutions deliver exceptional cloud routing performance and user experience to customers in one simple, scalable, sophisticated solution.

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Velocity Tech Solutions offers a wide range of cloud and enterprise networking hardware and services for data centers, service providers and cloud operators.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you solidify your enterprise network infrastructure.