Another 5 Star Rating!!!!    Great job Team Velocity Tech Solutions!

Date: October 10, 2019 / Customer: Mike H., Michigan, United States / Source: Shopper Approved

Thank you Mike for sharing your customer experience!


"We had a server fail late on a Friday afternoon. Talk about panic! I called Velocity Tech Solutions for an entire server, and found it was just slightly more expensive than it would cost to replace a couple of parts needed. I asked them to send me an identical server to what I had with the exact same configuration right down to the last card and bolt."

"Their techs gave me exactly what I asked. I was able to place our existing hard drives into their server and everything just ran flawlessly. I literally had a working server within 13 hours due to your techs attention to detail and overnight shipping."

"You made me look like a hero and saved my company what could have been extreme downtime. This is the kind of partnership every I.T. Department needs. I will never forget the excitement when it all just worked as planned. I will never forget it."

"Great job Velocity Tech Solutions!"

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Another 5 Star Rating!!!!  Great job Dylan!

Thank you Stanley for sharing your customer experience!

Date: October 9, 2019 / Customer: Stanley Truman, E TX, United States / Source: Shopper Approved


"Our server went down on Friday morning with a weekend full of work ahead. The error codes and Dell Technical Support indicated a bad CPU. We spoke with Dylan at 15:30 on Friday, ordered the CPU which he shipped out for Saturday delivery."

their (Velocity Tech Solutions) emergency number. To our luck, we got back in touch with Dylan. He went over the options and we opted to have him again overnight (Monday to Tuesday - thanks FedEx!) the motherboard to us."

"Installed and operational by Tuesday at noon. We are incredibly satisfied with the service we received. Hopefully, we do not have to interact under these conditions again, but if we do, I am confident we will receive the same class of service."

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