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IT Sustainability as a Service

We manage  your ITAD for you, giving you the best return and drastically reducing your carbon footprint.  You pay a flat fee based on the amount you recycle, the number of locations in your organization and the level of security you need in disposal.  You enjoy:

- A single global contact

- Takeout and recycling by an R2 certified local partner

- Maximum value for your resellable hardware

Managing your end of life IT hardware

We manage all of your IT assets designated for resale and recycling across your organization.  Our Sustainable IT as a Service model reduces your carbon footprint, reduces the global e-waste stream and reduces the logistical challenges it can create for your organization.  We provide full accountability and line of custody throughout the process with 100% transparency and regulatory compliance reporting on every takeout.  Through our local service partners, we contribute to the local economies in every community in which you operate.  

Data center takeouts

We have the resources and the knowledge to responsibly remove used systems, especially for companies with multiple locations. We take environmental responsibility seriously and prevent your old assets from piling up in landfills.  Our experienced technicians will remove IT hardware from your location, return it to our processing center and determine the best disposition approach.

IT equipment recycling

Our R2 certified recycling meets the EPA’s high environmental standards.  We maximize reuse and recycling, minimize exposure to human health or the environment and ensure safe management of materials by downstream handlers.

Sell us your IT hardware

We provide a safe way to trade-in your used computer equipment, servers, storage systems, networking devices and peripherals. Upon request, we will provide Certificates of Destruction (CODs) for data storage devices.  We help you recoup your spent budget by providing cash flow from assets which are often sitting in a closet or on a pallet off in a corner somewhere.

Additional Full Cycle IT services

Refurbished IT hardware

We offer a wide range of reliable, previously-owned IT hardware to reduce the carbon impact of your purchasing without sacrificing performance.


We offer on-site and remote maintenance to keep your existing hardware running longer – extending its useful life and reducing the frequency of replacement.

IT equipment upgrades

We offer a wide range of upgrade components that improve performance in existing IT hardware so your data center can run the latest applications without the latest gear.

Charitable contributions with every project

We contribute a portion of each Full Cycle IT contract's fees to Genesys Works - a non-profit that provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships.  Their “earn and learn” model provides students with in-demand business technology training and matches them to paid, meaningful year-long internships with a company during their senior year of high school. As young professionals, their unique perspectives positively influence their company’s business and overall culture.

The impact of Sustainable IT

- Reducing your carbon footprint
- Preventing dangerous e-waste from reaching the landfill
- Improving your sustainability scores and regulatory compliance
- Communicating your organization’s commitment to the planet

Start reducing your carbon footprint

Schedule your first take-out and recycling project and apply the cost to your first year’s contract.


Contact your Full Cycle IT representative to learn more and schedule a take-out