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Easy Steps To Update IDRAC Firmware

Easy Steps To Update IDRAC Firmware

Posted by Dylan Kurtz , Dell Certified Technician on 7th Feb 2020

TechTip #12: How to Update IDRAC Firmware

Welcome to our How To tutorial that will run you through how to update your IDRAC Firmware. These quick and easy steps, along with visuals, should help you succeed in your task!

First, power up the server. Make sure that an ethernet cable is plugged into the IDRAC and it has a connection. Then, using a computer that is on the same network, open up a web browser and type in the IP address of the server.

Computer with the log in screen presented

Proceed to log in with the default credentials:

Username: root Password: calvin

Once you are logged in you will be presented with this screen:

Computer screen with the system summary presented

On this screen, click "update and rollback".

Computer screen showing the firmware update options

In this screen, select, "Choose File," and browse to the "update file" option and select this. Click "upload".

It will take a few minutes to update, but when it is finished you may exit the browser and the IDRAC will be updated.


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