Insider Tips  For Avoiding Holiday Downtime

Tech Tip #10: Tips For Avoiding Downtime

The holiday season is nearly here. People are buzzing around going to and fro, trying to make last-minute sales. All the while, their minds are focused on getting ready for a long weekend. Empty offices will grow as the days go by until only a handful of people pass by.

Before you go for the holidays, don’t forget a few To-Do's. They will help ensure your computer network is stable, and you can enjoy your time off, worry-free.

  • Update Software/Hardware/Systems. Ensure your network system will still be running when everyone returns. Schedule and run updates on things like firewalls and malware before numbers dwindle.
  • Have A Disaster Plan. Create and distribute a disaster recovery process and plan to ensure people know what to do if the network goes down. It will help you alleviate even more issues if it does.
  • Test & Evaluate. Run tests on your VPN to ensure remote access is fully functional.
  • If It’s Broke, Replace It Now. If any network equipment needs replacement, don’t procrastinate, do it now. You will already have plenty to catch up on when you return.
  • Renew Contracts. Instead of rushing through contract renewals at years end, do it now. Avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Ensure Tech Support Availability. Create and go over a coverage schedule with the tech support team to make sure everything goes smoothly. You don't want a call during your holiday feast your server is down. Also, confirm your after-hours contact information is posted clearly on your website.
  • Back-up Configured Files. Make sure you run a data backup. It is essential in case a network disaster happens so you can quickly restore data.
  • Unplug Non-Essential Equipment. Turn off non-essential computer equipment and disconnect it from power and communication lines. Power surges from harmful weather incidents like ice storms can run havoc on computer hardware like servers.
  • Hide Equipment. Give thieves as little temptation as possible. Electronic equipment is easily stolen and has a high resale value Lock away anything portable, and draw the curtains or blinds in rooms with stationary equipment.

The extra work in getting any of these done is worth it. The extra effort will lead to a less stressful holiday season for you and your peers, along with keeping things running smoothly. 

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