Reduction in IT Spend and Keeping Your Network Up and Running.

How many of you IT Professionals have been here before? Your budget is cut, your staff is cut, and you still have to maintain your network as if all is good in the world?

Imagine, you are now the CIO and you find yourself and your skeleton staff having to scramble each time something as simple as a $200 hard drive fails and you have no spares on hand.

There’s at least two of you trying to find the exact hard drive to keep the integrity of your raid.

You’re scouring the web trying to find someone that has it because the OEM doesn’t manufacture it anymore.

You call a few vendors, no one calls you back.

You eventually order online since you've FINALLY FOUND IT! When you receive the drive you go to the location the server is at, and you find out it doesn't work.

Or equally as bad…

It was never shipped.

So now that $200 hard drive has cost $700 in man hours, and potentially $100 in gas and mileage. On top of that you now have to deal with returning the drive, assuming someone talks to you.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, after you discovered the replacement drive doesn’t work, you also find you’re having some kind of issue with a piece of software that the new and improved version was supposed to resolve!

Now you have 100 people screaming that they can’t access whatever it is they access, and you aren’t entirely sure how to fix it because you’ve been chasing a $200 hard drive.

You call your OEM to get a price on support and either your equipment is too old, you’re only able to renew for a year, or that one year costs thousands of dollars which there is no way you can afford.

What can you do?

There is a secret that is become a bit more well known in recent years. The techs for the OEM’s… They aren’t really OEM techs. They work for other companies that are sent out on behalf of the OEM’s, however the pricing is still OEM pricing.

The good news is, you can avoid all of this with the right 3rd party maintenance provider. For about the cost of that $200 hard drive, Velocity Tech Solutions can cover an entire server for a year. Don’t waste valuable time chasing parts. Call us today and find out how we can chase them for you!

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