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Make connections that matter with an all-in-one communications solution.   Velocity Tech Solutions is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Zoom. Their new licensing structure, “Zoom One,” bundles everything you need to communicate and collaborate with internal and external teams. Have face-to-face interactions over video, place a call from your mobile device, brainstorm on a whiteboard, and send files over chat - all from a single solution. Its intuitive user experience makes it easy to get users onboarded and simplifies management. We are excited to provide this comprehensive communication platform to our clients.

Zoom One products

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Chat

Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Phone

Bring teams together over video with smart features that make it easy to share information and look and sound your best.

Group and 1:1 messaging to keep projects moving outside of calls and meetings with file sharing, integrations, and more.

Brainstorm, share ideas, and plan with our virtual whiteboard that works across devices and products.

YoPlace and accept calls from your desk phone, mobile or softphone, send SMS texts, and manage multiple calls at once with ease.

Share information securely



Data storage & privacy

Safely share files with the ability to enable advanced chat encryption and simplify password management with SSO and multifactor authentication.

Industry-recognized certifications and attestations such as SOC 2 and controls that help enable customer compliance with GDPR, FERPA, and HIPAA.

Real-time settings give you the ability to decide where things are stored and how long they’re stored for, plus admin restrictions and external contact permissions.

Velocity Tech Solutions - your Zoom partner

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