Easy Steps For Importing & Exporting IDRAC Licenses

TechTip #7: Importing and Exporting IDRAC Licenses

Before and after a replacement of the system board or when upgrading the iDRAC license for enabling more features, license management is necessary. Here are the steps for importing and exporting IDRAC licenses.

First, you are going to login to the IDRAC from a browser using the default username and password. 

Username: root  Password: calvin

Screen capture of the login screen with the credentials entered

Once you are logged in, you will click on the "licenses" link on the left hand column

Screen capture of the system summary

When you are in the "licenses" section there is a drop down box with the options to "import," "export," or delete.

If you are trying to export it will save as an "XML" file and it will be named after the service tag that the IDRAC is tied to.

Screen capture of the licensing option

However, if you are trying to import the license, select "import" and it will bring you to a file browser. Then, you will select the XML file of the license you are trying to import and choose "accept". If it is the correct file and the license matches the service tag it will give you an “import successful” message. If it doesn't match it will give you a message saying the “license is not valid for this server.”

Screen capture of the license options

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