Managed Security

Managed Security

Firewalls have long been consider the primary defense against cyber intrusion but today's cyber criminals are using vastly more sophisticated techniques to bypass firewall protection and compromise business systems.

Keep intruders out while enabling daily internet operations requires a comprehensive set of security policies and constant monitoring to ensure your systems and data are protected.

Providing around the clock security event management and response is vital in maintaining adequate security posture.

NSM active event management and response 24/7/365...fills the gap. It keeps hackers and malicious activity in check so you can sleep, eat lunch or have a holiday knowing systems network and data are secure.

Are you prepared?

The Gap: Thanksgiving -
The CEO clicks on a Black Friday Ad ...which several hours later unleashes a non-signature detectable malicious agent that encrypts the entire system asking for payment in 24 hours, no one is in the office until Monday and backups were not done. No ones in, no one sees it happen...what happens next?

The Gap: 2AM -
8GB of your customer's social security numbers, addresses and other personal identifiable identification is exiting your firewall... Is your IT company stopping it?

The Gap: Lunchtime -
An employee plugs in his phone to charge it. The phone is infected with a malicious code...over 6 month's data nd critical assets is sent overseas to an ever changing IP address. How long before it is discovered? Most small businesses cannot survive on such a loss of assets, time and reputation.