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Velocity Tech Solutions provides virtualization and cloud computing services in partnership with the leading players in the world, including Zadara, VMWare, Microsoft and Veeam (virtualization).  We can help you manage remote work environments for your employees, expand your technology capabilities and save IT space and hardware cost.  Our cloud computing and virtualizations services are customizable to fit any data center size and IT budget.  Our experts can help you navigate the noise of the digital age by bringing you the most efficient solution, making your business more agile and cost effective.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the act of running workloads within clouds—which are IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network.  These can be “public”, private or some connected combination of both.  Cloud computing allows IT managers to build, manage and run applications easily, regardless of where they are deployed.  Working in the cloud offers maximum flexibility and growth potential while maintaining a secure environment.  In today’s remote work environment, cloud computing is an essential IT deployment strategy. 


Essentially, virtualization allows data center managers to reduce hardware costs and space and increase application accessibility by creating multiple “virtual machines” on one server that can run applications in their native environment.  Most frequently, this is done inside the customers’ locations and behind their firewalls.

Virtualization options

  • Data virtualization – data from multiple locations is made available from a single virtual source
  • Desktop virtualization – Maximum flexibility and ease of upgrading and license management by operating the desktop virtually
  • Server virtualization -
  • OS virtualization -
  • Network functions virtualization - Partner offerings - VMWare, Microsoft and Veeam

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Velocity Tech Solutions offers cloud computing and virtualization services for every IT environment.  Our industry-leading partners provide customized cloud packages for every need backed by world-class engineering service and support.  Contact Velocity Tech Solutions today to start your journey to the cloud.